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where they have engaged in exploration and exploitation activities in various forms. The successive Chinese governments have exercised jurisdiction over Nanhai Zhudao▓ in a continuous, peaceful and effective manner. In the course of history,

China has established sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao and relevant rights and interests in the South China Sea. The Chinese people have long been the master of Nanhai Zhudao.ii. China has always been r▓esolute in upholding its territorial sovereign

ty and maritime rights and interests in the S▓outh China Sea23. China’s sovereignty over Nanhai Zh▓udao had never been challenged before the 20th century. When France and Japan invaded and illegally occupied by force some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao in the 1930s and 1940s, the Chinese people rose to fight back str

o and relevant waters

enuously and the Chin▓ese government took a series of measures to defend China’s sovereignty ▓over Nansha Qundao.24. In 1933, France invaded some islands and reefs of Na▓nsha Qundao and declared “occupation” of them in an announcement published in Journal Officiel, creating the “Incident of the Nine Is▓le


as a ground f

uo;. The French aggression triggered strong reactions and large scale protests from all▓ walks of life across China. The Chinese fishermen living on Nansha Qundao also took on-site resistance against the French aggression. Chinese fishe▓rmen Fu Hongguang, Ke Jiayu, Zheng Landing and others cut down the post

s flying French flags on Taiping Dao, Beizi D▓ao, Nanwei Dao, Zhongye Dao and others.25. Shortly afte▓r this Incident happened, the Chines

e Ministry of Foreign Affairs made clear through its spokesperson, referring to the relevant islands of Nansha Qundao, that “n▓o other people but Chinese fishermen live on the islands and they are recognized intern made lly as Chinese territory”. The Chinese government


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